Friday, March 11, 2016

Trendy: Colombia

Colombian street. Source.
Seems like something I predicted waaaay back in 2008 is finally truly happening on a major scale. Colombia has legitimately become the next big thing.

In 2008, I noticed an uptick in favorable media coverage of the country. It seemed like it was trying to shake its reputation as a scary place with a drug-fueled economy.

That doesn't happen overnight. But things can change.

Over the past two months, four or five of my Facebook friends have gone to Colombia on vacation. They're all hospitality/restaurant people, who might be a little more willing than others to try something slightly risky in the name of a great experience.

But still, they're going to South America - and not to Argentina or Peru or Chile. To Colombia.

And based on their pictures, it looks like they are having a hell of a time.

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