Hi, I'm Kit.

I like to eat, drink, cook and have parties - and I like to write about all those things. I live in Baltimore with my husband, Cooper, and our son, Dixon. Together with our friends, the three of us have a lot of fun. And then I write about it here.

I write about food professionally, too, and about other lifestyle topics, including entertaining, home design, parenting, shopping and health and fitness.

For the Baltimore Sun, I write food, design, entertaining, parenting and healthcare-related articles, and I used to write a weekly restaurant review.

I also write similar articles for several magazines published (or formerly published) by Baltimore Sun Media Group, including Chesapeake Home + Living, Maryland FamilyHoward, and Harford magazines.

I write a weekly restaurant news and events roundup column, in addition to other articles, for the website Baltimore Fishbowl.

Dixon and I collaborate on food-related articles for (cool) progeny, a family-oriented website (I write a few articles on my own there, too).

I also write parenting, food, and fun articles for Chesapeake Family magazine and Baltimore's Child.

Back in the day, I also used to write design articles for Houzz and blog at Deep Glamour about, well, glamour.

Here are links to my columns for those publications:

Baltimore Sun - Restaurant Reviews

Baltimore Sun - Other Articles

Baltimore's Child

Chesapeake Home + Living

Other Magazines and Websites


Michelle said...

Hi Kit! I work with your friend Megan and she recommended I follow your blog. I just started a food blog of my own (http://healthyrecipeecstasy.com/), and I'm excited to join the blog world. Your blog looks great - I can't wait to read more!

Kit Pollard said...

Hi Michelle! Nice blog!

Food blogging is definitely a fun hobby - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Unknown said...

Hi- do you have an email?!

Kit Pollard said...

Hi Victoria - I do! Kit @ kitpollard dot com

sumaal said...

I am putting together recipes for my husband. I already moved my cookbooks to the west coast. I am wondering if you have access to the grand diplome recipes for trifle, coconut cream pie and chocolate mousse.

Kit Pollard said...

Hi Sumaal - I might! My Grand Diplome books are a little tucked away right now but I'll pull them out and let you know!

sumaal said...

Thank you!!

Kit Pollard said...

Hi Sumaal,
Turns out, I only have one of the three recipes you're looking for - the one for trifle. I found recipes for pots de creme and for a custard pie and another one for a coconut cake, but none for chocolate mousse or coconut cream pie.

I can take a picture of the trifle recipe (or any of the others) to send to you, if you'd like - what's the best way? You can always email me at kitpollard@gmail.com if you want to send me your phone # or email.

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