Monday, June 28, 2010

Yet Another Summer Drink: The Salty Dog

Not that we needed another summer drink...but we found one. Kyle and I experimented yesterday with the Salty Dog, a simple combination of grapefruit juice, clear booze, and kosher salt.

Kyle's was made with gin and mine with vodka - I preferred mine, but his was the big winner among the group (and he obviously liked his better than I liked mine, since he had, well, a few).

The Salty Dog is a nice alternative to traditional morning or daytime drinks, like mimosas and Bloody Marys. The grapefruit juice is a little bitter, but the salt cuts it neatly. Overall, it's a good mix and genuinely refreshing.

Plus, it's pretty, right?

[Photo credit: Bon Appetit. I didn't get around to taking any pictures yesterday. Which is a shame, since Kyle was drinking these in the driveway, next to our RV. Classy.]


Sarah G said...

a variation of the salty dog that i want to try is the 'hound on fire:' grapefruit and vodka with a chile-salt rim. doesn't that sound delish for summer?

Kit Pollard said...

Yes - totally. I might add a little OJ to that, too, just for the sugar.

Chile salt - I feel like there's a lot you could do with that.


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