Friday, June 25, 2010

Entertaining Friday: Sprinkling Karen

I started this blog almost five years ago. My first post was one of those general, introductory things, but my second post was about a cake I made and decorated for my friends Karen and Will's baby shower. Karen was pregnant with twin girls - Maya and Leah - and in need of a whole lot of stuff.

That shower feels like a long, long, long time ago now. The girls will be five in September (they're a year and a week older than Dixon) and are hilarious and grown up. And Karen is about to have another baby - this time, a boy. And just one, much to her relief.

Last weekend, I went to a little party for Karen - not a shower, but a "sprinkle." It was a small group of close friends and family and everyone gave Karen boy stuff, so her poor son doesn't have to wear princess tutus for his first six months (he's already going to be a live-action babydoll, I'm sure).

The party was at Karen's sister, Cindy's, house and in keeping with the mini "sprinkle" theme, Cindy and their mom created an entire menu of tiny foods. I, of course, loved it, since little foods and hors d'oeuvres are my favorite.

This particular menu was pretty extensive, too, with tiny grilled cheese (made with bread rounds - so easy, so good), empanadas, little crab cakes, shot glasses of gazpacho (adorable), fruit skewers, tomato/basil/mozzarella skewers, and little pork barbecue sandwiches (yes please!). And for dessert, mini cupcakes and melon-baller-scooped ice cream in little tiny cones!

I forgot my camera, but Karen and Cindy took a few pictures...

The flowers were gorgeous - and a lucky break. The night before, Cindy was at a work event and the organizers sent the flowers home with her:

Little cupcakes are so tempting:

And the tiny ice cream cones were completely precious. They're a great idea for a summertime shower (one that's indoors, anyway):

It was really a lovely afternoon - and full of great ideas for parties. Especially the shot glass gazpacho - I see all kinds of potential for those.

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