Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Cocktails: The Drinks of Summer 2010

Speaking of the Bargers (which I did in my last post), I realized I haven't featured Maggie here on M&G, even though she is nearly six weeks old. So here's the happy family last Friday, in our kitchen after getting rained out of Belvedere Square:

And here are the fixings for the drink that we made to console ourselves after it started raining:

It's a concoction of gin, lemonade, Prosecco, and Aperol (which Cail brought us a bottle of after she drank tons of it in Italy on her honeymoon). The drink, which Alicia saw Joe Campanale make on Martha Stewart, is called - wait for it - Blame it on the Aperol. How could we not make a few?

We doctored the recipe a bit, using pink lemonade, since it's what we had, and less gin than suggested, and the result was super refreshing and drinkable. An ideal summer cocktail, we decided. If 2009 was the summer of the Crush, 2010 will be the summer of the Blame.

Well, the Blame or the sgroppino, another cocktail Alicia learned about from Martha. Despite its unfortunately tongue-twisty (and not at all Jamie Foxxy) name, its combination of lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco is kind of killer.

So which will win out as the preferred drink of 2010? Stay tuned to find out.


citymouse said...

The Girls over at LoveFeast Table have already chosen a Summer 2010 Drink and now I read your post. I'm thinking I really need to step it up!

Kit Pollard said...

I saw theirs, too! You should pick on, citymouse! Though you've still got a week and a half before you're really behind... :)


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