Friday, February 12, 2010

Entertaining Friday: Decorating Valentine's Day

We're not doing much to celebrate Valentine's Day this year (unlike last year, when Mike and Alicia hosted that wine-tasting party that yielded exactly zero pictures that are family-friendly and focused enough to post here).

Just because we're not really celebrating, though, doesn't mean I can't think about what we might have done, if we were all more motivated, and if there wasn't so much snow. Anyway, I'd like to think that one day, I'll host a very pretty, very fancy V-Day dinner party. If that ever happens, here's my inspiration: A ridiculously pretty table from Rebecca Thuss

Conversation hearts and tulips from Martha Stewart

Pretty pink boxes at on the table from Better Homes and Gardens

Carnations and pistachios (yum!) from Delish

Is it wrong for a married couple to host an anti-V-Day party? Because this invitation from Wedding Paper Divas is adorable

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Xani said...

I always find all the v-day decor/craft ideas SO cute and tempting! But, generalizing here, women are the ones most likely to 1)do the crafts, and 2)enjoy receiving them. I can't see a man getting all gooey over his girl making him an elaborate V-day craft-- but I can't see a guy MAKING said craft for his girl! A quandary, right? A v-day party is the perfect solution- allows other WOMEN to appreciate your crafts!! :)


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