Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking: French Women Don't Get Fat

In the March issue of Harper's Bazaar, writer Elizabeth Bard bares her soul and shares her food-related revelations. And revealing they are, if you are a time traveler from 1998. An excerpt:

When I finally quelled my shame at feeling like a size 10 Michelin Man in a city where women who have borne several children look as if they just graduated from high school, I noticed that naturally moderate eating habits were all around me. Smaller portions, no snacking, lots of water, and cleansing herbal teas prevent the yo-yo of excess and starvation that has become the reality of many American women -- including my own family and friends. If you never go overboard, you never have to struggle back to shore.

Eating for pleasure -- as opposed to solace -- yields great results. I haven't gained a single pound living in France. I eat everything: cheese, pastry, bread, chocolate. But I do it the French way. Instead of buying a package of cookies, which my American self would devour while procrastinating on a deadline, if I'm craving a chocolate ├ęclair, I make myself walk to the boulangerie to get one (and only one).

Good insights, all. So good, in fact, that a series of books has been written about them.

Not saying it's a bad message, but it's certainly not a new one.

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