Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Designing Tuesday: From Gingerbread to Blueprint

Remember this modern gingerbread house that Apartment Therapy (and I) wrote about last Christmas:
Last week, I got an email from the company behind the gingerbread, Hometta. Seems that they've developed real-life plans for the house, so it can be built for actual human beings, not just gumdropped-head Lego people. Here's the rendering:
Hometta describes the house like this:
The 1,747 sf, 3 bedroom, 2 bath Draft House is completely linked to its surroundings. The private upper floor windows frame views and bring in light by day and collect breezes (drafts) by night. The public lower level is partially buried for insulation and energy conservation. The ground floor patio/garden extends living space, inviting the outside in.
I think the house is great - it's my style, obviously. And from a marketing standpoint, I love the idea of using a gingerbread house as a sort of advance unit. What a great way to generate buzz.

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