Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artsy Wednesday: Spring Brings Green

Last week, while I was freaking out after finding out that a picture of our kitchen was used in a post on Apartment Therapy, Dara "Dining Dish" Bunjon sent me a photo she'd snapped at an Art Blooms event at The Walters.

As a part of Art Blooms this year, The Walters hired designers to create tables for an imaginary garden party. Knowing my love for all things green, Dara thought I'd appreciate the table in the photo at the left. She couldn't remember the name of the designer, but she definitely nailed my taste. I love the linens, the flowers, the dishes - everything. And I really love the little side table stacked with books. Great addition. I'd love to see this whole table stuck in the middle of a really bright, really colorful garden.

Of course, if I was setting this table, I'd also be thinking about the food going in the dishes. That's got to match, too. Fruit salad - with lots of oranges and pineapple and hot pink watermelon - would be pretty. Or maybe French toast covered in strawberries. Something to add a little contrast.

I'm sorry to say that Art Blooms is over - it was early this year - but fortunately, spring is really just starting.

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