Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old School Thursday: Stoves, Spinach and Snickers Edition

Happy National Nougat Day! Celebrate with a Snickers!

Today’s pretty random, and pretty sparse. It’s Benjamin Thompson’s birthday (1753). Who is Benjamin Thompson, you say? Also known as Count von Rumford? He was an American doctor who invented a bunch of stuff, including the percolator, pressure cooker and a kitchen stove. And Baked Alaska. From what I know of food history, it seems like he lived during a particularly interesting time of invention and growth – the first part of the American food renaissance, you could say (which happened to correspond to the American democratic explosion, too).

March 26th, more than 150 years later, something nearly as revolutionary happened when Crystal City, Texas – the self-proclaimed spinach capital of the world – erected a statue of Popeye.

And…that’s it. Inventions and spinach. Plus nougat. I hate it when everything doesn’t pull together into a nice theme. So I’ll leave you with this teaser for next Wednesday: it’s the Feast of Acan, the Mayan God of Wine. Possibilities there? You bet.

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