Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vegetables Are So Fetch

And by "so fetch," I mean that somebody is really trying to make them happen.

Exhibit A: This article in today's WaPo, in which the author talks to Jose Andres about his new vegetable-oriented restaurants. It also dishes up a side (ha ha) of other recent veggie victories and openings.

Exhibits B and C: This post and this post, which I wrote way back in 2013. In the food world, veg-love is not exactly new.

So that's why I chuckled when I saw this morning's Post article. It's title? "Vegetables: Are they the new bacon? Jose Andres and other chefs think so." I don't doubt Andres' commitment to the veggie revolution is real - and valuable. Vegetables are good for us - and definitely better than bacon.

But let's get real, here. They're not bacon. They're not gonna be bacon. Bacon will remain bacon. There is, most likely, a biological reason for that. (If I was a more committed blogger, I'd totally find a journal article or two to prove that. Sorry.)

Look, I get that bacon has gotten too much press over the past few years. And that even the most gorgeous, crispy piece is not nearly as sophisticated as a single, perfect, locally-grown carrot. But come on. A plate of Brussels sprouts is just never going to be good as a plate full of pig. It's just not.

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