Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Stalk to Flower Eating

I have an article in the Sun today about the upcoming reopening of the Farmer's Market (it opens on Sunday).

While I was writing, I had a bunch of good conversations with super nice local farmers, including a lady named Pam Pahl from Pahl's Farm. We were talking recipes and she mentioned that a friend of her daughter's turns cauliflower stems into an amazing snack food.

Unfortunately, she didn't know exactly how the friend did that...and my experiment, trying to create a great snack food out of stems, well, it failed.

But all of that left me wondering, Carrie Bradshaw-style, why don't we spend more time thinking about using the whole vegetable?

The nose-to-tail, use-the-whole-animal movement is well-documented, to say the least. There's even a bit of backlash. But for all of the talk of putting vegetables at the center of the plate, there's little discussion of being similarly thrifty with the green stuff.

I get, of course, that using the whole vegetable lacks some of the moral urgency of using the whole animal. Sure. But simply from a waste not, want not standpoint, shouldn't we think about it?

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