Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Lists Are Up

The Baltimore Sun's lists of the area's 100 best restaurants and bars are online (restaurants here and bars here). I have some thoughts, but I also have some deadlines, so I'll just leave it at this:
  • On the restaurant list (and FYI, I was not involved in making the list), I especially like the write-up for Petit Louis. It's perfect. I wouldn't have rated Cinghiale quite that high, though, and I wouldn't have included Severn Inn at all. That place has some of the least consistent service and food in Annapolis (which is saying a lot, considering the lack of consistency in Annapolis). I'm happy to see Dogwood still rated so high. And I would've rated Food Market higher. It's so good. Also to note: Wit + Wisdom at #48. That seems right, but I can't imagine that management is happy about it.
  • I have less experience with the bars - I haven't been to as many of them. Here's how I know I'm old: Gin Mill is described as "quiet." Back in my day (she says, creakily), Gin Mill was always so crowded it was annoying. But some things never change: the list also calls out the people who make out on Mother's dance floor. Other observations: it seems wrong, but maybe indicative of those age-old new city-old city struggles, that Townhouse is ranked higher than J. Patrick's. I wish EPH was ranked higher (it was last year) but I'm happy to see its neighbor Cardinal Tavern in the top 30. I love seeing Mahaffey's ranked #12 - Cooper and I met there way back when it was Canton  Cabana. Nacho Mama's at #4 is just right. And finally, I think I need to go to Willow. Ryan Perlberg knows how to run a bar (Rye deserves its #5 rank).
And no, I'm not linking to each one of those restaurants and bars.

Deadlines, people. Deadlines.

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