Monday, November 19, 2012

I Get Cool Things In The Mail

Like this:

It's an invitation to my friend Joyce's company's Christmas party (ADG Creative).

The theme is gumbo and mistletoe - there's a gumbo contest and zydeco music and
also a collection of toys for kids in the New Orleans Ninth Ward.

Sadly, we can't go. But isn't that invitation awesome? The two jars are full of
jelly beans and the whole thing came wrapped up in a fun brown box.

I used to work with Joyce, a million years ago, and the company we
worked for made amazing invitations like this one, too.

So I know from experience that they are craaaazy time consuming to make.

But wow do they make people want to go to a party.


TheSlapster said...

Aw, shame you guys can't make it out. It's an amazing event and the food is all so ridiculously good! I'll have a little extra gumbo to cover for you both.


Kit Pollard said...

I so wish we could go! It's been too long since we've seen you all, too...


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