Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation Recap: A Week in Duck

What happens when a food blogger (that's me), a bar owner (that's Jeff) and all their friends (Cooper, Christine, Alicia, Mike, Bill, Kyle, Mary + the kids) go on vacation together? There's some eating, a whole lot of drinking, and much general ridiculousness (which, sadly, isn't blog-appropriate).

Still want to read about it, even though I have to leave out the juicy bits? Here's the story, picture book-style:

Links: William + Mary (the greatest school everrrrr), The Governor's Inn, W+M bookstore, Wythe Candy + Gourmet, Fat Canary, The Cheese Shop (get the bread ends and house dressing - seriously)

Links: Braggin' Rights (it's a great house - via Southern Shores Realty), cups by Party Innovations (they are super reliable)

Next year's trip can't get here fast enough.

[Note: I took a few of the pictures, but Alicia took most of them. Par for the course.]

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