Friday, November 05, 2010

Proudest Moments

We went to Clementine last night for a spur of the moment dinner out. It's kind of a favorite around these parts - mostly for the food (especially the charcuterie platter, which was seriously on its game last night with a balanced blue, super-smoky sausage, homemade bread and butter pickles and perfect cherry-studded chicken liver pate) but also for the comfy sofa and kids' play area. It makes eating out with Dixon so much easier.

Last night was no exception. He wasn't too hungry, so he only ate a couple of bites of his mac and cheese, but he played so quietly and nicely while Cooper and I ate our dinners. Towards the end of the meal, after he'd already fallen asleep on the sofa, a lady at the table next to ours came over and said, "You know, I work with kids all day, so when we sat down I was a little worried. I didn't want to be next to a kid at dinner, too. But he was amazing."

Now Dixon is far - FAR - from perfect. But those few words, especially coming from a stranger and especially in a restaurant? They absolutely made my day.

Also: the rest of the meal was great. I had a salad and the mussels, which were steamed in Natty Boh, garlic and shallots, and Cooper had his old favorite, the rabbit pot pie (super creamy). Since Dixon was asleep, we even had chocolate cake for dessert. And even better? On Thursdays, when you buy two entrees, you also get access to a special discounted wine list. We drank a bottle of Adelsheim pinot noir, which is usually $39, for $25. We had the same bottle at Dogwood last week for $41, which is still very reasonable. It's worth it, though.

All in all, not so bad for a random Thursday night.

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