Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Porky Weekend

I was in Severna Park on Sunday, so I picked up a whole mess of Adam's pork barbecue for Sunday night dinner. And, as it turns out, Monday night dinner. And today's lunch. And no, I am not complaining. It's not Cooper's favorite barbecue (not vinegary enough) and most of our friends prefer Andy Nelson's, but it will always be my favorite. Proof that what you grow up with is what you love.

Although, it's easy to love new things, too, especially when they're wrapped in bacon. Case in point, these lovely little delicacies that we had at my college friend Sarah's party on Saturday night:Sarah and her husband, Steve, have just come into a smoker the easy way (someone gave it to them), so they smoked a pork shoulder, along with a bunch of these jalapenos. They're halved and stuffed with a cream cheese and cheddar mixture, topped with a cocktail sausage, and wrapped in bacon. After a couple of hours in the smoker, they were crispy, gooey, smoky (obviously) and ridiculously delicious. Spicy, but not too spicy, since the smoker mellowed the pepper, and rich, but not overly so, since the jalapeno balances all the fat.

Highly, highly recommended. All of it.

Photo by Sarah.

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Laura Keller said...

Mmmm these look and sound delicious! And I've got to side with your friends - I believe that Andy Nelson has got the best barbecue in Baltimore!


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