Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Watch out Duff Goldman.

We've been busy little bakers (and decorators) around these parts. I've already written about Dixon and Alicia's volcano cake, which started its life looking like this: And ended up a little something like this (don't underestimate how many sprinkles one 3 year old can apply to a cake):

A few days before that, we had another run at decoration. This time, it was caterpillar cookies made with Nilla wafers, Nutella, and lots of accoutrements. This is what it looked like mid-decorating:
This is what they were supposed to look like at the end:
And this was the final product at our house. We opted out of any actual baking, since it was a weeknight, but the cookies tasted pretty great anyway. Because, well, when doesn't Nutella taste great? Cute, too:
Dixon's fully willing to work birthday parties and bar mitzvahs. Just call me if you want to hire him.

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