Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old School Thursday: Everything But the Kitchen Sink Edition

Today’s kind of a big day, albeit a random one. For starters, it’s National Lobster Newburg Day. On its own, that’s not that strange – lobster newburg is exactly the kind of old-fashioned meal that I’d expect to have it’s very own day. But add to that Waffle Day (in Sweden only, where it’s called Våffeldagen), Pecan Day (because today in 1775, George Washington planted some pecan trees given to him by W&M’s own TJ) and Tichborne Dole Day (in which each resident of Alresford, Hampshire, England receives a gallon of flour, courtesy of Lady Mabella Tichborne, who lived in the town during the 1100s).

That, my friends, is a big, random day.

Plus, you’ve got your usual assortment of births and deaths and whatnot, starting in 1848 with the birth of one William Keith Brooks, who sounds a little like a country music star, but who was actually a zoologist who championed the Chesapeake Bay oyster (yum).

Fast forward a few generations and things get even stranger. Today in 1995, Pizza Hut introduced Stuffed Crust Pizza, proving that more cheese isn’t actually always a good thing. Today is also the second anniversary of the death of Herb Peterson, creator of the Egg McMuffin. Which, like the Stuffed Crust Pizza, is a crazy merger of marketing and food. Unlike the Stuffed Crust (I hope, at least), the Egg McMuffin is actually an iconic example of that unholy union, indicating that its creator really understood human behavior and needs.

Again – it’s a big, random day. One so random, in fact, that it’s hard to figure out how to celebrate. Egg McMuffin? Something coated in flour? Oysters while it’s still an “R” month? Or how about a nice, big pecan waffle?

Just please, no Stuffed Crusts.

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Cail said...

An Egg McMuffin is the most amazing handheld culinary delight known to man. It has multiple food groups (dairy, grain, meat-- and vegetable if you get a hash brown), is melty and delicious, can be eaten while driving, and is relatively non-bad for you.


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