Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Don't I Care More about the Obesity/Art Study?

The study reads like something I'd be totally interested in: an analysis of portion sizes in 52 paintings of The Last Supper, conducted by a consumer behavior expert from Cornell and a minister who teaches at Virginia Wesleyan (who are also brothers). The findings are intriguing, indicating that portion size has grown, on canvas at least, over the last several centuries.

Art+food - it's got my hot buttons. And yet, it leaves me cold, and really only interested in my own lack of interest. In fact, I didn't even decide to blog about it until I read about the study in three other places. Is that because I just don't care about obesity? Or am I in denial because I like to eat? Does it matter?

1 comment:

theminx said...

Maybe because intellectually you *know* portion size has increased over the years and one doesn't need to study art to see that?


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