Monday, March 22, 2010

The Volcano Cake Story

Late last year, Alicia bought a cake pan shaped like a giant ballgown skirt. It's designed to make "princess cakes" - you bake the cake then stick a Barbie in the hole in the center. Decorate the "skirt" et voila - edible princess.

Immediately, she and Dixon realized that the pan isn't just shaped like a skirt, it's also shaped like a volcano. And this baking/decorating project was born:

For about the past year, Dixon has been completely obsessed with volcanoes. We're not sure how it started, but it appears to be never-ending. He knows where volcanoes are located ("Italy... Hawaii... Japan... Washington State"), that there are volcanoes on Mars and underwater (and that underwater volcano eruptions sometimes form islands), and that some scientists have recently started using lasers to minimize eruptions. We watch a lot of youtube videos featuring volcanic eruptions. We do a lot of volcano "rescue."

It's a little hard to see in the video, but the cake is adorned with a "jeep" and a "goat," both made out of pipe cleaners. The story behind those is that both the jeep and the goat were exploring and got stuck in the lava. It's OK for the jeep, who's owner was rescued (by Dixon). Unfortunately for the goat, the lava is also blood and we might be eating his charred remains for dinner.

You see, it's all about the natural disasters around here. And the circle of life. Wouldn't want that goat meat to go to waste.


theminx said...

Dixon might just be a little bit brilliant. Just don't let him know that. :)

Kit Pollard said...

Thanks...and I'll be sure to keep it to myself. I'm not sure he needs any more "confidence."

Velva said...

The volcano cake is awesome. Dixon sounds awesome too.

Kit Pollard said...

Thanks, Velva!

BTW, where'd you get your paisley tablecloth? I LOVE it...


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