Monday, December 08, 2008

Carol and Crawl Recap

If you're looking for some detail about the 2nd Annual Rodgers Forge Carol and Crawl, I wrote about it on the Examiner. But for those of you who were there, here are a few of my favorite highlights include (in no particular order):
  • Sarah G. and Mike's crump-off. That Sarah won. Obviously.
  • All the vests on the boys.
  • How pretty the snow looked on the Eiffel Tower on Missy and Seth's front porch.
  • The airing of grievances and Kyle and Mary's. Also the pizza. I think it might have saved me from a much rougher day yesterday.
  • Alicia's Dollar Store holiday wine labels.
  • Sequins.
  • The 50 chocolate covered pretzels I ate at Kerry and Larry's.
  • Speaking of K&L, their Gap ad-like matching scarves - second year in a row.
  • That I have a huge pile of Jen's quesadillas and some corn dip in my fridge right now. Also, the Mexican mashed potatoes were pleasantly surprising. And filling.

Overall, it was a really fun night, with just enough drama to give us something to talk about yesterday morning. Can't wait until next year!


Sarah said...

2 things: THANK YOU for not posting pics of the crump-off. Secondly, I wish I had that corn dip and some Fritos right now. :(

Kit Pollard said...

I took the whole thing up to Pollards. Which was probably for the best, really, even though corn dip would've made a nice (not-so-healthy) lunch...

theminx said...

Guess this wasn't in my neck of Rodgers Forge, because I heard nary a carol. Nor any drunken 3:30 am revelry. ;)

Kit Pollard said...

Well, there was a lot less singing than I was hoping for. But I'm glad we didn't wake you up at 3:30. I hope we didn't wake anybody up...


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