Monday, December 08, 2008

Trendy Monday: Epicurious' Top 10 Food Trends for 2009

It's that time again...the return of the top 10 food trend list. This will likely carry us right through January, as food writers reveal, tweak and re-reveal their lists.

I've been writing "trendy Monday" posts for a year now, so I'm looking forward to seeing how many of the trends I've also predicted over the course of the year. Already, I'm not doing too badly. I won't reproduce the whole list here, but here are a few of my favorites (aka "stuff I got right"):

3. Peruvian is the new Thai. You thought Peruvian cuisine was all about seviche,
maybe? Guess again: Peru boasts culinary influences from Spanish, Basque, African, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, and British immigrants. Pisco Sour, anyone? (Here's M&G on the topic.)

5. Ginger is the new Mint. Move over, mojitos. Ginger beers and ginger cocktails (like the Ginger Rogers, Gin Gin Mule, and Ginger Smash) are bubbling up at places like The Violet Hour in Chicago, the Clock Bar in San Francisco, and Matsugen in New York. (Here's M&G on the topic.)

8. Portland (Maine) is the new Portland (Oregon). Abundance of great chefs, restaurants, and local foodies? Check, check, and check. Want examples? Visit Five Fifty-Five, Hugo's, and Fore Street to start.

9. Rustic Food is the new Molecular Gastronomy Wacky-weird-science cuisine
that requires fancy-schmancy equipment doesn't necessarily make food taste better, and more often than not it adds needless complexity (there are exceptions). Most importantly, no one really wants to do this at home. Expect to see comfort food stage a comeback. Again. (I haven't specifically written on this, but it's connected to this and this.)

OK, I didn't actually write about the Portland, Maine one, but our friend (a Baltimore native) Tommy moved up there early in the summer, to be with his girlfriend he's met while living in Boston. Shortly after he arrived, he proposed to his girlfriend. His original plan was to ask her at Fore St., but when he visited the restaurant, he couldn't get a reservation at a decent time (he'd literally been there less than a week. He didn't have much time for on-the-ground planning). He had a drink at the bar, to regroup, and met a really helpful local who vouched for Fore St, but recommended a place called Diamond's Edge for the proposal.

They loved the restaurant...and it all worked. They're getting married (in Portland) next May.


Cail said...

Yes, but Stephen Malkmus lives in the Oregon Portland, which (in some minds) gives it a permanent space in the Awesome City Hall of Fame...

Kit Pollard said...

You're right, Cail. You can't quarantine the past.


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