Friday, December 05, 2008

Cooper's Palate

Every once in a while, I'm reminded that Cooper has the palate of one of those crazy British wine critics who's always finding notes of wet dog or rusty nail or whatever in wines.

Last night, as I was cooking dinner (lamb chops in a port wine, cream and mustard sauce) I opened a bottle of red wine - just a cheap blend - from Argentina. I poured myself a glass, noticing that it had a super fruity scent and that it was so dark it looked like Welch's grape juice in the glass. It was obviously not great, but it wasn't the worst thing I'd ever had, either.

I continued cooking and when Cooper came upstairs, he poured a glass of his own. He stuck his nose in the glass and then said, "Huh. This smells like bandages. You know, medical bandages."

Apparently, the smell carried through to the taste, and it was so overpowering that Cooper could only choke down one glass (and believe me, he has managed to suffer through more than one glass of some much worse wines).

It's interesting...I've always read that women have more sensitive palates than men, but that is definitely not the case in our house. I'm lucky, I think, because I don't have to suffer through medical bandages or anything else like that, but I benefit from the knowledge - the more I know about a flavor, the better I can mix and match it with others when I cook.

But seriously - medical bandages? So random, right?

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