Friday, May 09, 2008

In the Queue

I am falling seriously behind. I've been real-life busy lately, with the work and the friends, and as a result, I'm letting post ideas stack up in my to-do list. I've got a pile of books that I've been meaning to review...and just haven't gotten there yet.

There's this one about grilled pizzas, which I've read and I really liked and thought was very approachable - but I haven't had time to actually make anything from it. And one on Spain (that I can't find on Amazon) with beautiful pictures and mostly simple recipes but, again, I don't want to write the review until I actually cook something from it (I may wait for our figs to do that - they're little tiny green buds right now but in a few weeks, we should be up to our ears in them).

Just last week I got this in the mail, by the former head chef at Google. My first thought was, "it's the cooking Cluetrain!" - mostly based on the graphic design. I've barely had time to lift the cover.

And just yesterday, this book arrived. I'm especially excited about this one - who doesn't love reading about meat? - and Cooper's immediate reaction was to say, "I'm pretty sure I'm reading this one, too."

But as the pile grows, it's getting intimidating! Hopefully I'll be able to focus on a couple of these this weekend. It's a good problem to have - too many books about food.

Plus, on top of the books, I've had an honest-to-God essay stewing for a couple of months now. Something about art and religion and food and upper class tendencies. My meat and potatoes.

So soon, hopefully, really...I'll be back to writing a lot more.

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