Friday, May 09, 2008

Top Chef: Wedding Wars

Once again, no real recap. I barely even have any thoughts on this week's episode. The cheftestants were in teams that were so outrageously unbalanced, even Colicchio made a comment about it. The loser, Nikki, has been outclassed for weeks, so seeing her go wasn't a surprise or a disappointment. Richard won, deserved to win, and was unflinchingly gracious about it. Andrew had to stay in the kitchen so he wouldn't embarrass his team. There is nothing new here.

So in lieu of any real insights or thoughts, here's a list of the blogs who's recaps I've been reading. Enjoy!

John at Baltimore Snacker

Erin & Xani at Black Coffee & A Donut

Kathy aka The Minx
David Dust
TWOP Nancy

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Nanc Twop said...

'There is nothing new here' - exactly! This 75 minutes ep. seem endless to you too? And to add to our pain, 'No Restaurant War' - bummer all around... At least this means Ep 4.10 has no where to go but up. ;-) And thanks for the mention, and the link to my Top Chef posts, Kit.


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