Friday, May 09, 2008

Dictionary Friday: Happy Hour

happy hour
a period of time, usually in late afternoon and early evening, during which a bar or lounge features drinks at reduced prices.

In my world, the seasons are defined by their activities and, mostly, I think of the year in two semi-distinct parts: social season and the not-quite-as-social season. Fortunately, social season's a lot longer than the other, starting the week before St. Patrick's Day and winding up sometime around New Year's Day.

But high social season - the time when it is nearly inexcusable to just stay home, even if I have, say, strep throat - that season doesn't start until our beloved Belvedere Square starts their weekly Friday night happy hour. Grand Cru sangria, savory cheese pies from Neopol or tempura softshells from Ikan, live bands and hundreds of over-sugared three year olds dancing. That is high season.

And it starts tonight!

And it's pouring down rain!

Which means that it doesn't start tonight, after all, which is really unfortunate. In past years, Belvedere hasn't started until Memorial Day weekend so when I saw the flier announcing tonight's event, I was super psyched. The happy hours get a little too hot in midsummer, but weather like we've had for the past week or so? That's perfect. So imagine my disappointment when I woke up at 3 am to the sound of a torrential downpour.

So we're off to a false start this year. But that's OK. At least we're off to something.

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