Friday, October 09, 2015

Miscellaneous Inspiration

A few things:

Fashion inspo: I started doing the J. Crew sleeve roll last week. And I am never going back to regular rolls.

Music inspo: I am always a fan of songs about food.

Party inspo: Lauren Santo Domingo was the chair and Rebecca Gardner was the event planner behind this Carnegie Hall party that took place earlier this week. The decor is...intense. I suddenly want tassels on everything.

Insta inspo: The Sun's dining guide will be in the paper this weekend - this roundup of local food Instagrammers to follow is part of it. They are all awesome. More on the rest of the guide later, after it pops up online. I am crazy excited to see it in real life. It takes a village to put that thing together; I've been feeling lucky to have been  part of the team.

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