Friday, June 20, 2014

Things I Would Like to Drink Right Now

It is, by all accounts, summertime - though this week I have been working away like the busiest of bees. (We've been dining out a lot, too, but more on that later. Some of it counts as work.)

But do you know what I wish I was doing right this second? Enjoying a cocktail or two. Summer drinks are simply the best. I'd start with these:

Bobby Flay's watermelon-tequila cocktails from Food and Wine. Watermelon 
is such a good way to hydrate, after all.

Fruit is healthy, punch is easy, and rose is...rose. Perfect.

A simple daiquiri, courtesy of Epicurious.
I am currently reading A Moveable Feast for the trillionth time - so a 
little extra Hemingway just feels right.

How long until cocktail hour?

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