Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Tuesday: Booze It Up

Today's vintage item comes straight from my grandmother's bar. Thanksgiving before last, Nan moved from the house she shared with her brother - a little house on the South River in Annapolis, where she climbed a spiral staircase to her rooms every day - to an assisted living place in Severna Park, just around the corner from my parents.

She doesn't have a great view of the Riva bridge anymore and she can't watch the lights from Mike's Crab House, directly across the river, shimmer on the water at night. But up side: no spiral staircase.

After she moved, my family sorted through the decades of stuff she and her brother, who had also just moved, accumulated. And wow, was there a lot of stuff.

One of the finds that made me laugh - enough to cart it home with me - were these three bottles of aging liquor. They were in a small bar my grandfather built, probably sometime in the sixties (we have that, too).

Each is half full and I loved them for two reasons. One: label design. And two: who drinks this stuff? My favorite of the three, of course, is the pre-mixed vodka sour. Because mixing some vodka and sour mix is so taxing. And look at that label! I love it.

These relics of my grandmother's very active social life have been sitting in my kitchen since Thanksgiving 2012, waiting for me to photograph and document them here. And now I have.

So the big question is: will I finally be able to throw them away? And if I do, will I try them first?


Anonymous said...

NOOOOO!!!! Well... go ahead and throw out the Vodka Sour stuff. That sounds gross. But save the Coronet for Egg Nog and Tia Maria for Mexican Coffee.

Kit Pollard said...

But they're probably older than I am! They've been open for decades...I just can't imagine that they're still good!

Kit Pollard said...

Actually, I partially take that back. The Tia Maria is still sealed. Mexican coffees all around!

Auntie Sasquatch said...

That's funny - I saw the Tia Maria when I was rooting around in there on the snow day (& considered it for my hot chocolate!). :)

Kit Pollard said...

I wish you'd asked for it - you would've been a good guinea pig!

There's no "born on date" on the bottle (shocker) but the tax sticker says that Louis Goldstein was the comptroller of MD when it was purchased. Which narrows it down to...1959-1998.


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