Monday, January 13, 2014

Trendy: Cauliflower

It's totally the new Brussels sprouts, don't you think?

And I'm pretty happy about that. Not that I'm anti-sprout but, as it turns out, I'm kind of sick of them.

Cauliflower, though? Not so much. Tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper then roasted until crispy? Gorgeous. Pureed with creme fraiche, salt and pepper? So silky - who needs potatoes? (Well, I do, still. But that's the Irish talking.)

Anyway, cauliflower: veggie of the year.


Xani said...

I support this completely! Love cauliflower. When we pureed it for Thanksgivukkah dinner in lieu of mashed potatoes, with butter AND schmaltz, I could not believe how much they tasted like my Grandma's mashed pots. I also recently saw a recipe for "poor man's shrimp" which is cauliflower poached with old bay, then chilled and served with cocktail sauce. Definitely want to try that now that I have the ATOMIC horseradish and can easily whip up a good cocktail sauce!

I'll still be eating Brussels even if they aren't the It veggie- love them too :)

Kit Pollard said...

Poor Man's Shrimp - I love it! I've heard of poor man's crabs - chicken thighs steamed with Old Bay and beer - but not the cauliflower. Such a good idea!

(And yeah, that horseradish makes cocktail sauce so much more dramatic!)


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