Friday, September 20, 2013


Sometimes I make such a spectacular disaster of our dinner 
that I can't help but take pictures. 

That happened earlier this week, when I gamely attempted

I make souffles all the time. Or, at least, enough to know that I can handle it.
Plus, this one is supposed to fall before you dump it in a new pan, top it with 
creamy tomato sauce, reheat and serve it. How hard could it be?

Famous last words. This happened:

Then the final version looked like this:

First of all, the recipe took me the better part of three hours.
Not all of that time was active, but enough. On a weeknight.

Secondly, my oven, if anything, usually cooks things quickly.
So when I let the souffle cook for fifteen minutes on top of the
suggested cooking time, I legitimately thought it was done! 

As seen in the first photo - the one where I try dumping the half-liquid 
souffle into another dish - I was mistaken.

In the end, the dishes I used were too small and the souffle, obviously,
was underdone.

One bright spot: it tasted good. But not three-hours-of-cooking good!
I've made similar dishes that took more like 30 minutes of active prep - 
and were just as tasty.

But hey, you can't really put a price on humility in the kitchen, right?

(As a side note, this entire disaster occurred in full view of
Cooper and Dixon. Dixon is the one who came up with "soup-ffle."
I can't resist a six year old's pun, apparently.)

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Sarah G said...

I love this for 2 reasons. 1) I'm not the only one who still has the occasional "fail" in the kitchen, and 2) soup-ffle. Love that kid. :)


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