Monday, August 19, 2013

Party Flashback: Kyle & Mary's Anniversary Dinner

Now that summer is almost over (ONE MORE WEEK until the first day of first grade!),
it's time for me to pull it together and write about Memorial Day weekend when -
to celebrate Kyle and Mary's third anniversary (and Audrey's birthday) -
we had a dinner party.

It was the kind of party with kids, but still somehow managed to be lovely and unhurried.
We drank wine from K&M's honeymoon, ate grownup food, and closed out the
night doing my favorite thing - sitting at the table, listening to music
and watching the fire.

Here's the recap:

And for those who are interested, a few links:
Deerfield Ranch Winery
Wild mushroom and burrata bruschetta (I just used regular mozzarella)
Honey-roasted onion tart (an old favorite of mine)
Tagliata with arugula (we actually used sirloin steak, not ribeye)

[Photo note: I took the dinner photos myself - Alicia was out of town so I couldn't rely 
on her like I usually do. But I stole the other pictures of K&M from their Facebook pages. 
So...thanks to the Swarts and Rackovan relatives to took them! And to Alicia, who 
probably took the one on the beach.]

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