Thursday, March 11, 2010

Old School Thursday: Get Out the Bubbly Edition

Today is National Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day (because of course it is) but, more importantly, it's Lawrence Welk's birthday. He'd be 107 today.

To celebrate, here's a little video of the "Champagne Medley." I think you know what to do - pop the cork and put the dancing shoes on.


Sarah Willey said...

Speaking of Champagne-when Doug was in London he said at the mall he went in, they had a Champagne Bar. Like Wine Bars are not good enough-but Champagne? Oh, I want one here!!!

Kit Pollard said...

You know what's funny? Two girls from my sorority (go pi phi woohoo!!!) are in London right now and they went there a couple of nights ago. Random!

BTW, loved the gala pics, especially that one of you and Doug. Your hair looks SO pretty!

You know what I also love? That the 2 "sarahs" who comment here now use identifiers...


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