Monday, March 08, 2010

Fake St. Patrick's Day

Another year, another few hours wasted (in a good way) at Ryan's Daughter. This year's early St. Patrick's Day celebration was a big one and a good one, with lots of people - from 18 months to much, much older - stopping by.

I was especially happy to see everybody dressed up this year. There was a lot of this:

That's Larry who, together with his wife Kerry, is fully committed to theme dressing.

Ryan's Daughter has a very cheap happy hour menu from 3 to 6 on Saturdays, including crab dip (and I like theirs) and Golden Vale chips, which are basically thick fries loaded with lots of unhealthy things. They're good. Plus, even though I usually go the fish and chips route, last week I ordered a cheeseburger for dinner. You know what? It was really good, especially since it was cooked medium rare, which is how I ordered it. I always order burgers that way...and they usually arrive well done. It was a nice surprise.

Overall, it was a great day - gorgeous outside and fun inside - and I'm more than a little sad it's over.

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