Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Designing Tuesday: Elle Goes to Baltimore

I've been meaning to blog about this Elle Decor article ever since the March issue of the magazine arrived in my mailbox. I think it's great.

The authors hit all the high points of the city, design and food-wise, and paint a picture of Baltimore that is much more true to life and broad than how the media often portrays the city.

Do I sound like a whiny broken record? Sorry. But I was happy to read an article that praises Baltimore's culture, rather than just focusing on one nasty element of the city.

Plus, the article includes some good resources, some very nice quote from Meg at Pigtown Design, and a set of absolutely gorgeous photos (including the one of Charles Village at the left).

It's a recommended read for anybody from Baltimore, or who just wants to visit. Thanks, Elle Decor, for doing the city justice!

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