Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Valentine's Inspired

Despite the fact that I am not really into Valentine's Day, I've been kind of all over it today. First, I wrote a Houzz ideabook all about chocolate. I followed that up with a post at the Alluminare blog about finding design inspiration in traditional Valentine's Day gifts (check out the conversation hearts-inspired interior. It's gorgeous.) And now I am following up with a post on Valentine's Day plans.

This is partly because my inbox has been filling up with emails and suggestions about what to do for the holiday. Cooper and I barely celebrate ourselves - usually I make some sort of expensive, unhealthy meal and we drink a slightly nicer bottle of wine than usual, but that's about it (except for last year, when Mike and Alicia hosted a wine tasting party that ended with a big lesson: don't play power hour with wine. And eat more.)

But that doesn't mean there's not a lot to do out there. On the 13th and 14th, B&O American Brasserie (443-692-6172) is offering a three-course prix fixe for $36 and a five-course menu for $52. The main course for both menus is a choice of mustard-crusted lamb or braised shank in red pepper reduction and dessert is sugar-coated doughnut holes, which sound amazing. The head bartender, Brendan Dorr, has also created a drink called Love Potion #42 (it includes 42 Below Vodka)...and their signature drinks are kind of awesome.

If you'd rather stay in, and you want something special without actually having to bake anything yourself (I am a sucky baker, so I would fall into this category), the PAMA liqueur cupcakes from more Cupcakes sound kind of amazing. I'm a bit of a slut for PAMA, anyway (NO, not literally) - it's a key ingredient in the La Marcail, the delicious champagne drink that Can Can Brasserie in Richmond smartly named after Cail.

The cupcakes ($66 per dozen) are made with Belgian dark chocolate and are filled with Vahlrona chocolate and PAMA mousse and frosted with PAMA-infused buttercream. Ridiculous, right?

So, with all of this to choose from, I'm still probably going to stick to my usual: spend to much money on a meal that's overly rich and extravagant, then fall asleep.

It doesn't get more romantic than that.


roopa said...

$5.50 for a cupcake is completely ridiculous!!!

Kit Pollard said...

But maybe not if you think of it as a cupcake...and a shot.

Erin said...

I have red velvet cupcakes in the oven right now. A less expensive but seemingly valentines day specific treat. (even though its a southern treat, not valentines)


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