Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Dinner Recap


Dinner was OK. Salads were, of course, fine. Nothing surprising. Bread was good. The bittersweet chocolate tasting for dessert was totally good, if the presentation left a little to be desired (Cooper was all: "That's it? Candy bars?").

But the truffles, you ask. How were the truffles?

The truffles themselves were entirely unremarkable. They had very little flavor and, call me a philistine, but they were a little gritty for me. They weren't fresh, but they were packed in a very small glass jar with a vacuum-sealed lid and the seller had great feedback on Amazon (not that I think it was the seller's fault).

I sliced them and tossed them with pasta with an outrageously simple but rich Rocchetto sauce (which was pretty good), then drizzled a tiny bit of black truffle oil over the top of each of our plates. As bland as the actual truffles were, the oil was equally pungent and intense. Talk about heady.

The end result was a dish of nicely cooked tagliatelle tossed with a sauce that was so overwhelmingly rich that I couldn't even finish it. The combination of the cheese and truffle oil was over the top - just too much. I've tried it. Also, now I know exactly how strong my truffle oil is. (Cooper gave me tiny bottles of white and black truffle oil for my birthday. I think they each may last for years.)

Plus, Valentine's Day is really about the company, not the food. Right? Right?


Kathy said...

Unless you store your truffle oils in the fridge, they will only last a nanosecond. They get rancid very very fast.

Kit Pollard said...

Oooh. REALLY good to know - thanks. Going to put them in the fridge right now!

Pigtown-Design said...

kit... you should read about our disaster at little havana... suffice to say it involved small wildlife!


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