Friday, February 15, 2008

Dictionary Friday: Emulsion

Like last week, from The Food Snob's Dictionary:

Tricky to execute mixture of two unblendable liquids that must be achieved by slowly adding droplets of one liquid into another while vigorously stirring or whisking. Though emulsions have been commonplace in cooking (in such forms as mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce), the word itself started appearing on menus only as of teh 1980s, when show-offy chefs with fusion pretensions became fond of recklessly combining unorthodox ingredients. Tuna tartare with daikon "chips" and yuzu-grapeseed oil emulsion, $26.95.

Chosen only because I am feeling tired and uninspired...and because I really do make a nice hollandaise, if I do say so myself. I use our blender - an Oster that used to belong to either my parents or Cooper's - it's got to be close to 30 years old. It's awesome. And I shock myself with my patience when I add the butter to the egg mixture. I produce something with a really great texture and I am remarkably consistent.

It's like my best show-offy go-to. And it's a good thing I have it, too, because I also have a lot of disasters in the kitchen.

Speaking of, more on last night's dinner later. It wasn't a disaster, but it certainly wasn't a masterpiece, either. Good thing we both went into it thinking "experiment"...

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