Monday, February 01, 2010

Trendy Monday: Savory Cookies

A year or so ago, "savory desserts" wound up on one of those big start-of-the-year food trends list. I don't think they ever really took hold (except when it comes to including bacon in desserts) but I thought of it the other day when I got this Facebook message from Patrick Kelly:
So I tried to make sausage balls and I flopped...... kind of. They ended up flat and looked very much like cookies. They tasted awesome and I thought "savory cookies".

The sausage balls in question were originally made by Mike's mom. They're a Bisquick recipe and by all accounts, really easy to make (also declicious). After his not-so-successful baking attempt, Patrick retired to the computer to Google "savory cookies." Apparently there are a lot of recipes and articles out there. He's ready to have a savory cookie party now, and was thinking about a ton of different combinations - sundried tomato, artichoke and provolone; lamb, feta and tomato + tzatziki; jalapeno and chicken with a cream cheese center...the possibilities do actually seem endless.

Now that it's February, it's not exactly Christmas cookie season anymore, but it still could be cookie party season...savory cookie party season. I thought it was an awesome idea.

As an aside, I just realized how many people I know, and have written about, named Patrick - and none of them regularly go by Pat. I need to make up some more nicknames.

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