Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Artsy Wednesday: Glamour Girl Art

Bear with me, while I get a little meta.

I got an email yesterday from Nouveau, which is one of my favorite stores in Baltimore. I love their collection - it's my go-to for gifts and for artwork.

The email - a press release announcing a bunch of new stuff for summer - included a mention of a new line of art, billed as "just in time for the scheduled August 2009 premiere of Season Three of the hit AMC series, 'Mad Men'" and the title of the release bills it as "Mad Men-inspired art."

And it certainly is. The collection is full of early the early '60s glamour that Mad Men so totally captures - all Joans and Bettys and Dons.

So what, then, is so meta about this? Here's the rest of the description:

Nouveau will also display one-of-a-kind, Glamour Girl-inspired art, which recreates the look and feel of the era. Produced by Artfolio, which won Best of Show at the recent Las Vegas Furniture Show, the images from the Saturday Evening Post are printed on canvas and embellished by various artists. Each piece has a certificate of authenticity and the date of the published artwork on the back. Prices range from $325 to $495.

The nod to the era feels genuine because it is genuine - this artwork was created during the era of the show.

And now, it's back in vogue, back on display, and totally saleable thanks to our current fascination with Mad Men. Which is on the air thanks to our interest in all things early '60s. So the "Mad Men-inspired art" is really the art that inspired Mad Men.

Meta, right? But even if it wasn't, the art is great. Especially since it's not just a modern artist's interpretation of the era, it is the era.

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