Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ideabook Tuesday: Vivian of ish and chi

Maybe it's because my house is always such a wreck, thanks to Dixon, but I love looking inside houses that belong to other families with small children. Of course, when I find those pictures online, they're unlikely to include floors covered by legos. (Yesterday, I was attacked by a Taboo buzzer that Dixon hid under part of the basement carpet. That was fun.) But they are inspirational.

Like this Sydney, Australia home, which belongs to ish and chi blogger Vivian and her husband and young son (younger than Dixon, which means there's still hope that this house will end up covered in Play-Doh and walking hazards). I'm a big fan of a lot of the design I see coming out of Australia, including these rooms:

Also, if you click over to houzz.com and comment on this ideabook by 5 pm EST on Sunday June 7th, you'll be entered to win the print in the last photo!

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