Thursday, May 07, 2009

Old School Thursday: Home Brewin', Lamb Roastin' Edition

Last week was an embarrassment of riches, food history-wise, with the Earl of Sandwich and ice cream cones and Mr. Potato Head. This week, not so much. Oh, today is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day and it’s also National Home Brewer’s Day, begging the natural question, what beer best pairs with lamb?

Plus, today in 1953, the largest swordfish ever caught was landed in Chile. It was 1,182 pounds. Which really is pretty large (says the girl who can barely reel in a line with nothing but a weight on it).

But…that’s it for today. No iconic food or iconic toys. But at least we have the beer and the lamb.

1 comment:

LoveFeast said...

I don't know what beer goes with lamb....hmmmm...but, I'm sure we could find one!


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