Thursday, April 02, 2009

Old School Thursday: Wine and Letters (+ Cooper!)

Today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. That’s an iconic sandwich, I can get behind it having it’s own day (I wonder, though, how grilled cheese feels about the PB&J’s day being in April which is, as everybody knows, Grilled Cheese Month).

Even more importantly, today is all about the vino. It’s the Feast of Acan, the Mayan god of wine and it’s St. Urban of Langres’ Day. He is the patron saint of barrel makers, coopers (also Coopers?) and, logically, vintners. After all, where would the vintner be without the cooper?

In other news, today is Big French Birthday day. On April 2, 742, Charlemagne was born and centuries later, in 1840, writer Emile Zola was born. Some sources say Charlemagne was a bit of a foodie, serving peacock and loving Roquefort and inventing sauerbraten and, possibly most importantly, introducing the knife as an alternative to eating with the hands.

Zola, who I mostly think of in conjunction with this Manet portrait, was something of a food-lover himself, throwing lavish dinner parties and including detailed descriptions of meals in his books.
So, then, wine and books to celebrate today?

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