Friday, April 03, 2009

Entertaining Friday: DIFFA Tables

Becky from Hatch (who somehow only posts things that I like) shared some photos of David Stark's table at DIFFA Dining by Design in NYC last weekend. The photos, taken by Gustavo Campos, are awesome and the table is so cheeky and fun and deceptively simple looking. It makes me want to throw an indoor picnic:

An elaborate indoor picnic. Maybe with food that all looks like one thing, but really is something else - like eggplant tempura "soft crabs" with some kind of fresh corn salad that's molded into little "ears of corn." Something like that.

As a whole, the DIFFA tables are really inspiring (you can see some more here) and full of energy. A good reminder that dinner's not just about what's on the plate.

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