Sunday, July 26, 2015

View through the Wine Glass

This is some interesting stuff.

The Washington Post's Dave MacIntyre talks with a sommelier from Fleurie, a restaurant in Charlottesville, and she reveals all kinds of little things that influence the way she recommends wines. She's obviously very into the tailored approach and there are some cool insights here (such as: if you like to butter and salt your bread, you'll probably be more receptive to intense wines).

She also speaks very delicately; she's careful not to sound judgmental or to offend, though it would be easy to do both when you are talking about pairing wines "not just with food, but with the diner as well."

I liked the article very much...and I can say that I always appreciate when a waiter/bartender/somm reads us correctly. But it's always slightly unnerving to be reminded that critiquing goes both ways. We're sizing up the restaurants we visit. And they're doing the same right back at us.

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