Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Hemingway Pub Crawl

I love this article, on PUNCH, about the lasting mystique of Hemingway the Boozehound and how that has made the bars he frequented - so many years ago - visit-worthy shrines.

I'm certainly one of those people who makes a point of visiting Hemingway's old haunts. Last year, when we were in Paris, we ate (and drank) at Les Deux Magots, Cafe de Flore, Closeries des Lilas and Brasserie Lipp.

On a previous trip to Paris, I spent a very, very entertaining evening at Harry's American Bar.

I've also been to Sloppy Joe's in Key West (and to Hemingway's home there).

That's a lot of Hemingway action.

It's not that I think stalking Hemingway's barstools will make me a better storyteller or a crisper writer. But there's something undeniably alluring about drinking in his favorite spots.


Xani said...

I'm headed to Key West in February for the first time, would love to hear any other tips you have, in addition to the Hemingway spots!

Kit Pollard said...

Oh I am jealous! I did love the Hemingway house. I went so long ago, though - waaay back in 1998 - I don't even remember the names of the restaurants where I ate. I do remember having some good food, though, and that everyone I met was super nice.


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