Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Insta Data...on Food

Instagram's food data crunching and presentation is just on fire right now. They've created a cool, semi-interactive website focused on "The Food Capitals of Instagram" - the cities where certain frequently photographed foods are hottest.

Since the data is driven by numbers, it's not a huge surprise that large global cities - London, New York, Seoul, Sydney - dominate the discussion. But there are still some intriguing findings.

Like this: apparently right now, 7.5% of all photos of pulled pork originate in...London. That's a higher percentage than come from NYC, which is a whole lot closer to the heart of BBQ country.

That doesn't completely surprise me. After all, when we were in Paris last year, McDonald's was advertising the hell out of a southern sandwich, proving that southern cuisine really had overtaken the Western world.

It's a good lesson, too, in how trends expand and what is truly global. (The answer: pizza. Pizza is truly global.)

I wish the website allowed users to drill down - I'd love to be able to explore regional stats, especially in the US. Right now, you can get a general sense of what's happening and where, but nothing specific.

But still, it's cool. Data + food always makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

I was just in the UK and Subway was advertising a pulled pork sandwich. I had pulled pork at a bar known for its good beer selection. I didn't have high hopes that they would get it right, but needed food and it was the only thing open late that would take credit cards (jet lag and hadn't visited an ATM yet), and it was surprisingly good.

Kit Pollard said...

I guess if you're going to make sure you do one thing right - the beer selection - maybe you'll be more likely to put thought and care into the food as well? That is a nice way to ease into a trip!


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