Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Strategies: Purple & Black

Baltimore looks its best when its bathed in purple light, don't you think?
If you're really a fan, you might consider eating nothing but purple food this week. Fortunately, you've got options.
At the Sun, Richard Gorelick put together a slideshow of local purple foods - he also included a few purple options in his roundup of Super Bowl Sunday dining options. One thing is for certain: It will not be difficult to find a purple cupcake in Baltimore this week.
My favorites: Kooper's Purple Black Angus burger:
Also, the Ravens Royale cocktail at Wit + Wisdom, which is made of vodka, lemon juice, purple honey and sparkling wine. Look how pretty:

And only $6 on Sunday!
But if you want to DIY your purple and black, there are plenty of at-home options, as well.
The good people of McCormick have to pretend to be neutral because they are a national company (but who we all know are Ravens fans, since they're headquartered in Hunt Valley). They make fantastic neon food coloring that will dye pretty much anything and everything purple (including your child's mouth).
They were nice enough to send me some - I used it to make pretty Coors Light and prosecco:

And yes, I realize it kind of looks black in this picture. Trust me, both looked purple in real life.
Also in real life, you could see the blackberries floating the prosecco.
Initially, I just played around with the purple color, which turned both drinks a reddish tint - kind of like red grapes. But when I actually followed McCormick's instructions for "Baltimore Purple Beer," I got much better results.
The website has all kinds of suggestions for dying things purple. I highly recommend it.
[Purple Black Angus burger photo swiped from the Kooper's Chowhound Facebook page.
Ravens Royale cocktail photo courtesy of Wit + Wisdom.]

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