Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl Strategies: NOLA-Inspired

Have you heard that this Sunday is the Super Bowl? And that the Ravens are playing?

If you're in Baltimore, you have.

If you're having a Super Bowl party, there are a few different tacks you can take. There's the purple and black party. The Baltimore-inspired party. The standard Super Bowl snacks party.

And then there's the route I'm taking: the New Orleans party.

New Orleans food is legendary - and with good reason. It's full of amazing seafood and fantastic spices.

It's also, upon close examination, not so different from Baltimore cuisine.

Both cities are located next to the sea, which means both cuisines are seafood-heavy. Not necessarily the same creatures from the sea, but seafood nonetheless.

NOLA has creole and Cajun seasonings; Baltimore has Old Bay.

I talked with several local chefs who have New Orleans roots, or training, for today's Sun. On Sunday, I'll be making some of the recipes those chefs shared with me - and there are a lot of recipes. I don't think I've ever met a more enthusiastic group of chefs - each one was so happy to talk with me (even though at least one of them is a die-hard Saints fan).

Tomorrow and Friday I'll write about some of the other approaches to Super Bowl entertaining. This year, there's so much to celebrate.

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